Text Messaging

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Text Message service now available for Blood Test Results.


 Key Messages:

  • Your Doctor will now text you your blood test results routinely if you have registered your mobile phone number with us.
  • Please make sure your details held at the Practice are up to date.
  • You can opt out of text messaging – Just let the nurse know your preference at your next blood test appointment.
  • Your blood test results text message may include a message – you must act on the message you receive e.g. Please call to speak to your Doctor.



We want to communicate with our patients in the most effective way possible and we have received some fantastic patient feedback asking us to do more on SMS text messaging for greater patient convenience.

In October 2020 we will be introducing SMS text messaging of test results routinely.

We already utilise SMS text messaging to communicate with our patients for the following reasons:

  • to confirm an appointment
  • Appointment reminders
  • Invitations for long term condition reviews
  • Invitations for eligible clinics e.g. Flu


Receiving test results by SMS text.

If you have registered your mobile number with our Practice as a means of communication then you will now benefit from the convenience of receiving your test results via our SMS text messaging service too!

This means that when your results are back and reviewed by a Doctor, you will be sent a text message telling you your results along with any message from your Doctor.

This allows the doctors and other staff in the practice to send a message to you directly from our clinical system with a copy of the message automatically being saved in your medical record. This will allow outgoing messages only.


What test results will I receive on SMS text?

We will routinely be sharing SMS text messaging results for all blood tests across all ages.

We will not be able to share with patients

  • The blood tests results requested by secondary care settings e.g. Hospital blood tests. Any test requested by a consultant or the hospital will remain unchanged and those results are still sent to the requestor for onward sharing with the patient.
  • Radiology results – these results will not be routinely sent via text.
  • Swab tests will NOT be sent via text message.
  • Urine tests will not routinely be sent via text message


For the results NOT available on text, please contact the Practice or visit SystmOnline to obtain other test results as you would normally.


What happens if I have more than one blood test routinely?

Patients will receive a SMS text for every blood test undertaken by our clinical staff.

If you have multiple blood tests then you will receive a text regarding each test. Unfortunately SMS text does have its limitations. If you have multiple blood tests then you will receive a SMS text per result, unfortunately we will be unable to identify in each SMS which results relates to which blood test.

The important message here is to act on the response you receive in each SMS result




Where can I get more information about my test results?

SystmOnline allows patients or someone acting on behalf of the patient to proactively manage their care. The online services available include the ability to view an online Electronic Medical Record (test results) as well as booking appointments and managing medication.

SystmOnline is available as an online service or via apps, providing patients with convenience and flexibility when managing their care.


Access SystmOne: https://systmonline.tpp-uk.com

The SystmOnline apps can be used on Apple devices (iPhones and iPads) and on Android devices (mobile phones and tablets). They can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and from the Google Play Store. Simply click the relevant logo on the SystmOnline Login page.


Note: SystmOnline is only available from within the UK. You cannot access SystmOnline from abroad.


How quickly will I receive my test results on SMS text?

The timing of test results can vary. We request that patients please leave 10 working days for your results to come back to us before contacting us.


What messages might I receive on SMS text?

Patients can expect to receive one of the standard key messages shared on SMS text message

  1. Your results are normal – no action required
  2. Your results are satisfactory – no action required
  3. Please call us within the next 2 weeks and make a routine appointment to speak to your Doctor
  4. Your Doctor may also add in a message for you


We don’t want patients to panic if they receive a SMS text asking them to telephone to speak to their GP. Everyone’s health is unique to them and a request to call or visit your GP could be as simple as a request to catch up with your Doctor about your current course of treatment following your test results.


GDPR and opting out of our routine SMS text messaging service

If you have registered your mobile number with our Practice as a means of communication then you will now benefit from the convenience of receiving your test results via our SMS text messaging service too!

If you DO NOT wish to receive your results via our SMS text service then you have the option to opt out.


Opting out of SMS messaging will mean the Practice will no longer be able to send you any text messages; this includes appointment reminders as well as the blood results text messages.

Please let us know if you wish to opt out by letting our team know when you attend your next blood test appointment.

If you opt out of receiving a result by text please be aware that it is the responsibility of the patient to contact the practice to obtain their test results.


Responsibility of the Patient

It is the responsibility of the patient to

Ensure the Practice is informed of your correct mobile phone number or any changes to your contact details. Remember it is important to keep us updated of any changes to your mobile number including: the phone being passed on, sold or stolen, to ensure the security of any information we may be forwarding to your number.

Keep your phone secure and control access to your SMS text messages.


  • Keep in mind that an unlocked mobile phone means that others could have access to your information. FOR SECURITY OF YOUR INFORMATION IT IS ADVISED TO HAVE YOUR PHONE LOCKED WITH A PASSCODE, PIN CODE, FINGERPRINT or other security measure.


  • Please be aware of your text message settings – keep in mind that messages may appear as a notification on your lock screen or on a linked device such as a PC or tablet.


  • To inform the Practice if you wish to opt out of this service.